Monday, May 6, 2013

10th P-Day in Fresno

okay so my week was great it is getting hotter and hotter and i am not used to biking and being in church clothes! haha but i will push on its not that bad. 

so we have killed a total of 6 black widows in the past 2 and a half weeks which isn't that bad but still. we umm helped some senior sisters move into an apartment which was fun i enjoyed myself.

we met with elane a 95 year old lady who is so sweet and cute! she made us a cake and spaghetti and we showed the restoration video with her now she just has to get baptized! but she is kinda stubborn. then i went and picked up a bike from a member who gave me it which was super nice! then we had a dinner with a member and we ate orange chicken which was great and also homemade ice cream mmmmm it was good! but i am getting fat... and losing the body i worked very hard for which wasn't even that good.. haha but ya then we had an exchange and i went with elder mcclung who is from west virgina and we had a great time i went to his area and he is spanish speaking and i didn't know what to say in the appointment but it was still super great! 

oh and a really cool experience that happened that answered my prayers.  i said a companionship prayer that we would have the opportunity to bear our testimonies to bring someone closer to the gospel and literally right after that we went out and right around the corner a lady yelled us down and we shared the first vision and bore testimony strong and she wants to learn more so that was awesome! then we ran into a guy we call cowboy hahaha he is a man that believes he is a prophet and that in his past life killed all the incas haha yes i said that he told us he was the one who killed all the Inca's haha it was super funny i love that guy and meeting all these crazy people and just everything! 

yesterday we had an investigator show up to church and she loved it her name is nikole and she has a boy named cayden who is awesome, we have been teaching nikole for a while but she has had a bunch of problems with meeting new people so she hasnt' come to church but she finally did and we taught a lesson to her after  and she accepted a baptismal date for the 25th of may so that was awesome. 

we also went to the hospital and around to members cuz a lot of people needed blessing so they called us to help. but ya it was awesome today and through the week i loved it!  

love you all and hope you have a great week talk to you next week! Love elder moss! godspeed!

Would it be better for you to call before your church or after your church?

so when does your church end? cuz i was thinking i would call at 4pm my time. idk what time that is in st. george.

That would be perfect. That would be 5 o'clock our time and would give us enough time to get out of church and get home and Katelynn's church is the same time is ours so we'll just tell her the same time

ok great! sounds like a plan! 
i will be calling moms phone i believe

Yes, that is fine and then we will try to conference katelynn In.  Will we need to call you back so your phone doesn't get charged?

we actually don't call you at 4pm next sunday well it would be 5pm your time? you call me, my phone number is 559-202-XXXX

Ok, just to repeat... you want us to call you at 559-202-XXXX at 4pm your time.  Is that right?

yup that is right!

Ok, will do...can't wait.  Now, how about your week?

i will send a big email it will take a bit though haha

We are going to the Ence's house for a block party soon .. we have invited everyone including nonmembers so it is like a missionary fellowship your neighbors.

GOOD! continue to invite non members and do all you can!

Hey I just got on.  How are you doing?

i am so great ha never better how are you? what you up to?

Just finished working with the kids at school.  I was just going to head out to Tuacahn and then I saw you on.  Good timing.  I am doing good too.  I have butterflies in my stomach cuz I can't wait for your phone call.  We have been really busy this last week.  We all wrote you a letter on Sunday, here are some highlights.  Brayden has finished basketball and baseball.  He did really good in both. He is about an inch shorter than me.  Chase had fun doing the Miss Ivins Pageant, he was an escort.  He has been very busy with school work and with student body things.  He volunteered to help with the Iron Man and he has gotten his first job.  He will work at Tuacahn during the Tuacahn season.  I'm doing the same things as always, work, church, and family things, but I try to find the fun in everything I do.  Katelynn is back on the market and is having fun dating different guys.  And dad is still working and filling the many cracks that need to be filled in when I'm not around with the family.
When do you think you will be able to call on Sunday?

that sounds like you are having a lot of fun! tell chase to save save save his money!!! and i think your calling me at 4pm my time which is 5pm your time (so that you can still have time to watch AFV at 6pm) haha but ya i sent dad the number you call me at but i will send it again 559-202-XXXX

Funny, AFV is always top on my list to watch on Sunday.
We were in church Sunday and the opening song we sang was "There is Sunshine in your heart" it made me think of you.  You truly bring sunshine to others.  Reading the letters from your Mission President and the ward member who gave you the bike, it makes me happy to know that your sweet spirit is still radiating outwards towards others.  And I think Sunshine was your nickname at school, wasn't it?  Anyways it totally fits you.
Have you been able to visit with any new people and share the gospil? 

i will send a big email about my week but yes we set a baptismal date this last week and had a great time!

That is awesome!!  For family night today we are heading over to Grandma and Grandpa Coombs to weed in the garden we started.
Oh and I thought of you again this morning, when Chase had a really hard time making his breakfast - Pancakes.  He didn't know how much water to put in the batter and then he freaked out when he flipped it over, cause he messed up on the flip.  I then knew I needed to give him more cooking lessons!

aweosme! sounds fun and i know mom you gotta teach them how to cook they aren't as good as i am ;) haha 

Oh I know what a great cook you are, ;) 
I am sorry but I have to go and get out to Tuacahn.  I love you so much and I'm proud of you.  Have a wonderful week!!!! 
Love, Mom

thats right!!

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