Wednesday, May 29, 2013

13th Week, First Transfer

Davey wasn't able to get on the computer on Monday.  He got on yesterday and sent a letter and some pictures.

hey so sorry i didn't get on yesterday our network was out and we couldn't get on the internet so today i am on! well let me tell ya about my area and new companion and everything that has happened, well elder pace is my new companion he is from bountiful utah ...anyway the YSA is super different than a family ward we cover a stake so our area is huge and we have a car so i don't get to bike around so i am getting fat even faster..but like i said the YSA is super different like for FHE we went to a bbq swim party that they were putting on and of coarse we didn't get to swim but it just is totally different than my last ward! my companion has been out for 9 months and he is the designated driver and the senior companion but i honestly have been shaping things up i am not being prideful but really nothing has been done since january i think the last baptism was and we have no progressing investigators or anything so seriously it is like i am the senior companion and i am super blessed because on one hand it is very hard like extreamly but i am growing and learning so much so i am greatful for this happening to me. so that was the watered down version of that haha but i think you get the point. the area is really good we are finally starting to pick things up when i came into the ward last thursday we had nothing but we just barely got a new investigator who is going to get baptized and we found two others that are awesome as well so things are picking up like i said and the lord and heavenly father are shaping me i am just so grateful for everything but i came out here to work and build the kingdom and that is what is happening so it is awesome. so ya also last week all the new missionaries came into the mission i got the oppertunity on taking one of them out on what is called open your mouth and we take them out for there first real door knocking time ha it was awesome also i should probably tell you this just to freak out mom ;) elder pace he is the designated driver so we were leaving the mission office one day and i was backing him out and he got distracked by something and long story short he smashed my leg and pinned it against a van and it hurt like crazy! oh i was so peeved haha but no worries all is well in zion so ya i am fine mom. oh and a fun experience before transfers elder dunford and i were biking and two black guys stoped us and asked if they could read the bible with us so we were like heck yes! ha but long story short these black guys told us how white people are a cursed race and that our white skin is the disease called leprosy and that god hates us and when jesus comes again he will make all negros rulers over the white race and we will be slaves and do all manner of horrible stuff that i wont say. so ya we were really mad after that and so my companion grabed me and pulled me away from them cuz i wasn't happy with what they said so i wanted to fight them but i didn't! so that was good but ya it was a fun experience and i have learned from it all we said back to them was may god bless you and have mercy on you. so ya that was pretty much my week like i said i am super sorry i couldn't email yesterday and also lastly there is a member that is going t st. george next week for some reason and he said he is willing to take anything i need to send home with him so i have a box and he is going to drop it off to you when he is st. george so ya that is awesome i will give him moms phone number and ya you can meet up some where and he will give that to ya! well i love you all so much and am so grateful for you and all you do for me and i hope everything is great in your lifes i pray for you daily well again i love you and wish you all a grand week and hope the reunion was great i miss ya! Love your son and Brother,
 Elder Moss

Cleaning the Church

In a truck moving

Pizza Buffet

Cowboy, the self proclaimed prophet who fought Incas in a previous life

Basketball on P-Day


New Companion, Elder Pace

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