Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Bike

We received an email from someone we didn't know with a picture of Davey attached.  After an email asking for explanation we got this:

Dear Brother and Sister Moss,
What a delight hearing back from you so soon!
Last week in Priesthood, they announced that one of the Elder's bike was stolen, and our missionaries were having a little struggle getting around. After the block I stopped your son and his companion, informed them that I had a 15 speed mountain bike they could have if they wanted it. we made arrangements for them to come over on Tues evening to take a look at it. I purchased the bike at a yard sale last year with the intention of using it to exercise. I already walk between 3 and 4 miles every week day morning, so I thought I'd get the bike to "extend" my exercise regimen. Have you ridden a bike lately? After a mile my thighs were on fire! I could hardly pedal home. I used it a few more times, with the same results, so when I heard of your son's plight, it was an easy decision for me, give it to the Elder's!
When your son saw it, what impressed him the most is that the tires are tubeless! Since it's primarily a mountain bike, tubes would be a hindrance. He wanted to pay something for the bike, but that wasn't an option, I told him it was free, plus my thighs couldn't take it any longer anyway! He loved the bike, so I wanted to take his picture with it, and send it to his concerned parents. The other picture was  a joke of course, but we thought you'd appreciate it.
Your son left a blessing on our home and my family, and what a sweet, spiritual blessing it was. My wife and I both commented on it after they had left.
Our son served a mission in Argentina 15 years ago, and I remember hoping that the members there would assist my son if he was ever in need, and they did. Now I had the opportunity to be of help to your sweet son. Thank you for raising a young man who represents the Lord, the church, and his parents with a sweet, kind, humble spirit. My wife and I love your son.
With Warmest Regards,
Ken Ritter

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