Monday, May 20, 2013

12th Week

Davey and his Dad were able to talk today after Davey emailed his weekly letter:

okay so my week was good we had some really good lessons take place but there is this one guy i want to talk about which is a way cool experience so on a preparation day a couple weeks ago while we were doing laundry a man came into the place and asked just for some reading stuff on our religion so we gave him  some and he left and we didn't think anything of it but then weeks later we were biking and i saw a man at his house so i went and talked to him and it just so happens that he was the same guy we meet at the laundry center and so we have taught him 2 or 3 times and he has come to church and everything so it was just a way cool experience cuz we thought we would never meet him again but we did! then we got transfer calls and i am getting transferred to a YSA called the academy so Wednesday i will be gone to a different area! ha so ya that was the news i thought i would share with you and also i am super fat so last saturday for lunch we had a zone lunch and went to a pizza buffet and i wanted to get my moneys worth so i ate so much it was so much food and i felt so fat and couldn't move thats just an idea of how much i ate. then that same day for dinner we had dinner with some Tongans and they decited to take us out to a buffet dinner and they pretty much Made us eat and eat and eat ugh it was so much food so ya i am fat..haha but ya that was the just of my week! 

Is YSA Young Single Adult's ward?  Are you moving to a new area or just assigned to a different ward?

ya it is and i am moving to a new area

So what is the new area?  I assume you are getting a new companion?  Do you know who it is?

his name is elder pace i don't know if that is how you spell it or not but ya i get a new area and it is a car area cuz it is super big!

So, your companion now will stay in your area now and get a new companion and probably finish his mission there and then leave the new companion to take over they people you are teaching now, right?
Is the academy/ysa in fresno or another city?
What are you going to do with your bike?
Do you know where Pace is from and how long he has been out?

yup he will cuz he only has 6 weeks left in his mission. and yup it is in the fresno east stake about 20 mins away from where i am now. and i think i will donate it to the mission for parts and just buy a different one thats better.

Ok, what ward/area are you in now? I don't think you ever told us.  We just always told everyone Fresno and had that on the blog and that you by the mission home and Fresno High School.  We will need to post on the blog that you are still in Fresno but assigned to a YSA ward.  Is there an area of the city southeast or northwest or something to describe where you are at now and where you will be or by something like the Mission Home or the High School?

i am in the Van Ness ward and no i don't know anything by my new area haha sorry 

Ok, well, when you get there you will need to interrogate your companion and take notes so you can tell us about him and all about the area so we know where you are roughly and who you are with.  Have you met Elder Pace at all on P-days or meetings?

i think i have like once before but i just remember a short elder with glasses so i am kinda concerned but i know i will love him and we will do great! ha and yes i will tie him up using dental floss and interrogate him! 

I am glad to hear you are using dental floss.  Your mom and I wondered about sending you an electric toothbrush, what do you think?

ya i think that would be good cause i don't like the manual ones haha 

OK, we're putting together a box for you and will throw one in.  Sounds like you will miss Nicole's baptism and this new guys.

nikole actually didn't come to chruch and doesnt want to be baptized right now anymore which stinks but she will hopefully next month and ya i know i will miss them! it stinks but oh well its not about the baptisms 

That's right, great attitude.  It looks like Academy YSA is up in Clovis and is northeast of Fresno.

exactly thats what it is haha so how are you dad?

Really good.  Still wondering about this job, just doing my best.  I am putting in a lot of hours and not getting paid much though.  Other than the job situation things are great!

ok well i gotta go so i will talk to you next week and get those addresses and write them next week i love you all and hope all is well! i hope chase still reads that email i sent him and also you! well i love you! 

We love you too.  Your mom and I are going to the temple next week and we will pray for you there as well.

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