Tuesday, May 14, 2013

11 P-day in Fresno

On Sunday we got to talk to Davey for 40 minutes, well, I think we went a little over.  The last few minutes he bore his testimony to us, it was real special to hear that from him.  Katelynn came down for Mother's Day and stayed late so she could talk to him.  Then, the next day he emailed us and Tamara got to chat with him again:

hey how are yall?

I had so much fun talking to you yesterday!!  I think it was my most favorite Mothers Day ever!

well it should have been ;) ha just playing so did you make it in time for afv?

Funny, no we stayed and visited.  Shyanne text me on the way home.  She said she would have loved to come over and talk to you, but she had been in Vegas with her family.  She asked how you are doing and wanted me to tell you she misses you and knows that you are a great missionary.

oh no way she texted you? ha that is awesome and sweet and i am doing great i am just writing an email to chase right now but how are you doing?

Doing good, I'm home right now having a little lunch before I go to Tuacahn.  I thought dad would be home, but he said the Boss' would be to work today so he might not be able to get on.  I am so impressed with your testimony, I touched me.  Your testimony is so strong, It just lets me know what a wonderful missionary your are.  
Katelynn is really liking this Jeff George.  I think you are a little taller than him.  I sent you a bunch of pictures when we were at the Coombs'.  Did you get them?

no i havent gotten any pictures! i wanna see haha

I will try to send them again, give me a little bit of time.  I told Chase that you are online. I think he is trying to get onto a computer.
What are some of the things you are going to do today?

shop do laundry and play volleyball and basketball so ya haha pretty fun!

It does sound fun, relaxing ;)  Chase said he is on with you, but he doesn't know what to say, haha

yes super relaxing haha i am trying to work off my fat! haha and ya i am talkign to him ha

i decided one i am done with a journel or note book i will send it home so you can look at!

Funny, I can't even picture you getting fat, you are funny;)  yeah, I just sent you a few pics did you get them?

i got them! they are great i will send you some!

Davey and his companion, another companionship, and the senior 
missionaries cooking dinner for the sisters.

I will love reading in it.  Do you want us to send you another journal?

not right now i will let you know but i  would like it if you sent me my basketball shoes! haha and my black and white slip on shoes that are great!

K, I'll Dad help me get them and send them to you.  What black and white slip on shoes? (I might have to ask Chase which ones you are asking about)
Anything else you might think of?

i think they are adidas but they are the only black and white slip on shoes i think i have and nothing right now! thanks though

K, we get them out to you.  Are you craving any fun treat? I might be able to put them in with the shoes.

ha no not right now just maybe a cd case to hold the cds and ya i think that is it for now thanks so much i love you! what can i do for you?

Like a soft cover cd case? Oh Davey, YOU are already doing it!!  You have put your heart and soul into the work, you are being the best missionary you can be, and I know you will return with honor.   Thank you, love you so much!

ya like where i can hold a bunch of them all together? haha and thanks mom your the best so how was your mothers day?

I was fun. Dad fixed stuffed french toast with my grapefruit juice, yummy.  Katelynn and Jeff gave me some cute socks and some cards.  I got a call from you which was the highlight of my whole day. Fun all around.

Oh, I love the pictures. I'm not sure about the one single picture of you.  And do you have a part in your hair?
Davey said this is how he receives inspiration and a tan at the same time

haha well sounds like a really great day! and yes all the missionaries in the fresno california mission have parts in the hair so that we are set apart from the rest of the world ha 

But you have never been able to have a part stay.  How do you do it.  Do you have to use a ton of hair spray?
You look great like always, now don't let that get to your head;)   
I know you will have to go, have a fun day today.
Love ya!!!

i don't use any hair spray there is a gel that is only made in california called gorilla snot gel and it is super strong haha but i have to say at first i had to use a glue stick to get it to part and stay parted haha

Have a good day, I am heading to work.  Love ya

well i love you and i got to go thanks for all you do and the blessing you have been in my life god bless you. i love you all! your always in my prayers make sure chase reads the email i sent him and don't delete it you all can read it and learn from it in your own individual ways! love you!

Chase also got on from school:

Hey its Chase. Mom said you were on.

hey! how are ya?

Good! Im just in Advisory right now and they let me get on.  So how has your day been?

it has been just dandy i sent you an email you can look at it now or later or both! haha so how are you? whats your day been like?

Its good. i woke up at 4am today to do homework so i am tired but other than that it has been good.  what email did you send it to?

to this one and shoot 4am ?! holy cow nice that was earlier than a missionary! haha

ya i fell asleep doing my homework but oh well. Right now the student council is watching a movie on bullying.  I am missing it but i have already seen parts of it. its been way sad. it talks about people who are bullied and follows them around. so ya.

shoot ya i hate bullies they are just cowards

ya. so how many people generally email you during this time?

like 50! haha jk no like 10 people just freinds and such.

K well i gotta go the bell just rang. maybe we can do this another time! its been fun.  See ya! have a great day!

 ok have a great day love ya bud

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