Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 7, 2014

Good morning, this is Elder Moss reporting. It is Sunday morning the 6th of July and it is almost 7 in the morning, it is like 6:40 now, yum I’m tired – I’ll just tell you that right now. Yum but it is a good tired but yum yah. So this past week has been up and down week. Still helping them move along… we haven’t found any new investigators and they are just not solid so yum we will have to keep working through our members, but yum we did/had FHE on Monday night. That was out at Volk Ranch, a really nice ranch they are really awesome people. We had I think we had one non-member there that time, but it was a really great activity. It could have been advertised better but it was still a great activity and hopefully we will do it again in the future so more people will invite there friends…it was really cool. Then we met up and had a lesson at the park the next day Tuesday, July 1st and we had a lesson at the park with a girl named Britney, so she just met us there – right on the grass it was pretty fun. We talked about the restoration a little bit and why there is so many churches and different things and then of course we went and had a lesson with Kevin. Kevin he is really awesome, he just needs to put off his natural man and listen to the Holy Spirit he was supposed to be here to church today but he said he couldn’t make it this Sunday. It will be like the first Sunday in five Sundays that he won’t be able to come so hopefully he will be able to come next week, but he is still moving along. And then we went and visited a less active on Wednesday her name is Tiffany… and I will tell you more about Tiffany in my next voice recordings.
So, Tiffany yum…she is like Chinese and she got baptized like when she was like 16 or something. Just this past little bit she has been non-active. Her boyfriend just went on a mission – well he has been out for a while, but while he has been out on his mission she has become inactive. She clams it is mostly because she works on Sundays, but she does want to come back to church which is really good, a very positive thing. She was a national dance champion a couple of years ago or something, but she is a really talented dancer in ballroom, so she is really cool. Hopefully we will be able to reactivate her. The people we are looking at to baptize are Kevin and Sarah, that is who we are still working with. Sarah keeps texting us that she wants to but she doesn’t know what her parents will think so we keep helping her having good experiences so we can move her along. Our new investigator that we have is Hannah, you probably have heard of Hannah. So, Hannah is really awesome we had a morning lesson with her like at 10:30am. It went really good, she struggles with knowing the identity of God and Jesus Christ and different things. She is very friendly and super talkative, so perfect for YSA – right (ha ha). On Friday the 4th of July we invited her over to a friend’s house to watch the soccer game, you know FIFA (ha ha) and she came and we had lunch, it was a barbeque of course just like the 4th would be and that was at Jake Diah’s house – it was kind of funny, we were like eating our lunch and they were all watching the game cause we can’t watch the game and we hear what is going on in the background with all of the screaming and whenever Brazil would score. Jake served his mission in Brazil and his brother Ben served his mission in Columbia so they were having a little rivalry while the game was going on. Hanna, she had a really great time so hopefully she will keep having positive experiences. I will tell you more about the 4th of July and other things in my next one.
So um, the 4th of July was fun, really fun. There were about 8 missionaries that were invited to go to our YSA houses in Riverbank, it was Amelia Perkins house and we had a super good barbeque. A lot of people were there, um it was just a great time, um no non-members which stunk but it was really positive it was a good barbeque. We watched fireworks and then came and picked us up and took us to see more fireworks with Sarah and Mitch. While we were watching fireworks at Mitch’s house Kevin was out walking the neighborhood and he noticed there were some people, and I yelled at him and scared him, it was so funny. He came over and joined us for a little bit. So on the 4th of July our rules are at 6 o’clock we have to have our cars parked and we can’t walk, we can’t drive, we can’t ride bikes, or anything. We have to be in our apartment unless a member comes and picks us up and then we can stay out until 10:15pm and so we did that. It was a lot of fun, it was definitely worth it, and a great experience. And what else happened… I know something else happened…but um… Saturday (if I remember I will come back to it) – Saturday we met with President Clark we got to meet the mission president, he is really awesome! He is going to be a great mission president! He is gun hoe and so awesome! He is super rich! Like super rich – its nuts, but um he is super positive. His wife sister Clark is a petite little thing and she of course is just awesome, she is very spiritual and ready to go. Hopefully we will get to meet them more, I have a leadership training next week – it was just a great time that we were able to learn a little bit more about them and where they are coming from. So today at church we are planning on Sarah and Hannah showing up so that is all we are looking for right now. I really appreciate all that you are doing back at home, I can feel your prayers, and I love you all so much, I’m grateful for all that you do and if I remember anything else that has happened I will be for sure to send it out. Love ya

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