Tuesday, July 29, 2014

June 16, 2014

Good Morning Family and Friends, this is Elder Moss. Just a little update, today is Tuesday morning, but we had a… I don’t know yesterday was super hard. Of course it was our preparation day and we had FHE after or family home evening, but we were planning on having a baptism for Sarah and that fell through.  Sarah um, I told you – sent you her story about her conversion, to my family at least. But ya um she has been hit real hard. She told her parents she was going to get baptized and they freaked out on her. Her mom almost attacked her and they were threatening to kick her out and to disown her, ya um the whole shebang and she told us that she had to postpone her baptism, um it was really hard for her but um we are fasting for her right now. We are trying to see a miracle take place right now, so Sarah had a crazy thing happen to her. She still knows everything is true and wants to be baptized but she doesn’t know when because of her parents and stuff. Then also, that was the darker side but the happier side of our preparation day and for our family home evening we had some investigators and we got to go to the Modesto Nuts baseball game, so that was really cool. We were able to go with them to the game the whole branch was there and other branches. I think a girl sent you the video but while we were at the baseball game we got the MVP award. There were four missionaries there, Me and Elder Salomon, Elder Larson and Elder Stevenson. The lady came up to us and announced our names – well not really announced our names, but said the missionaries and that we won the MVP award for the day, so we got a Modesto baseball. It was really weird, we could hear all of the Mormon member yelling, alright missionaries!!! It was really fun and so that is all that has happened so far. I love you all, keep us in your prayers and I keep you in my prayers all of the time and ya I will send another one. Love ya bye.

Alright good morning family and friends. This last week was a pretty tough week, not going to lie. Um ya it was probably one of the hardest weeks with Sarah postponing her baptism because of her parents, we had that highlight of being able to go to the Modesto Nuts baseball game um that was all on Monday.  On Tuesday we had a Zone meeting in the morning and that was pretty good. Then we taught some people out in Oakdale, our investigator Kevin is the only one progressing right now. We have a lesson tonight with – oh I’m sorry I didn’t even tell you the day. Today is Monday ya and tonight we have a meeting with Marissa finally. So we’ve been trying to meet with her for a while she is a members friend, but um Wednesday of this last week we had leadership training and it was really good. I gave an instruction on what is to happen before a district meeting in order for it to be affective. It was a good leadership training, it was President Gelwix last leadership training with us. He leaves on June 30th and then that is when President Clark comes in and so ya its good it is pretty crazy, but ya it is still good. Elder Salomon he is so difficult, not that we don’t get along cause we totally get along but that it so hard to communicate with him. I have to repeat things over and over with him and I don’t know it is just probably myself I just need to be more patient or something cause he is learning English. It is supper hard, I take the lead on everything which I’m used to but I’m used to a companion that can back up really easy but it will get better with time. I will finish my voice recording on my last one, love ya bye.
So ya, we were talking to Sarah this last week she is doing good she still wants to get baptized but doesn’t know when it is supper frustrating on our part cause like …. Ah I don’t know. She called me a baptizing pusher (ha ha). She says I always mention baptism every time we talk to her (ha ha) and it is true it is the first covenant that we make with God and it is so important, it is how we receive the Holy Ghost and so many more things. It is a game changer and so ya I always do that. She is doing really good it’s just her parents are actually getting better they are talking again and different things. Um… we went on an exchange this last week with the Zone leaders, ah that was good. We didn’t teach a whole lot of people, but we did have another lesson with Kevin that was on Friday and it went really good. Our member messed up stinking big time cause there was a YSA dance last Saturday and he promised Kevin he would pick him up for it and he never did and Kevin was like waiting and so you could tell Kevin was bugged about it. So ya there was a YSA dance on Saturday and ya we didn’t go to it – don’t worry. (ha ha) Well shoot what else happened… we only had one person at sacrament on Sunday and that was Kevin. Kevin came again he has come four time now, he is still praying to see if he should get baptized and different things, as long as he keeps having a positive experience he will do good. Um, what else has happened?... We have been dropping a lot of our investigators. I don’t know but this week has been really low on the number side. We are still trying to find and we are still trying to teach um so, we are working really hard, we are trying work as hard as we can, but Satin has been going crazy with our area!!! But then God has been blessing us still! So today, Monday, preparation day we are going to have a basketball game with another Zone and so that will be fun – um we should have a fun time with that. But hey I love you all and I wish you the BEST EVER. Continue to read your scriptures and everything and God will bless you. Tell me more about where you are staying and stuff I would love to hear about it, okay love ya bye.

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