Tuesday, July 29, 2014

May 22, 2014

Mom - "Wow, You are on...I'm glad you are able to get onto a computer. Did you get the package we sent? Did you get the voice mail and news article?
Davey - "I got the news article and i havent' been able to listen to the voice recordings we dont have a lot of time sorry and yes i got the package i loved it so much! and hey though did you know soy protein boosts estrogen levels? so when we send protein bars try not to get the soy protein in them haha but i am still going to eat them and i am so happy for them!!!"
Mom - "Funny... Connor has been having a hard time since the accident.  He hasn't been able to sleep and feeling pretty guilty.  It was a complete accident and conner was the only one wearing a seat belt.  Keep him in your prayers. I saw one of your friends I can only remember his last name, Reed. He asked about you and he told me alot about his mission and after mission."
Davey - "Shoot I don't remember his name sorry and yes of coarse I will keep him in my prayers that is so crazy. but one question mom are you alright?"
Mom - "I am fine...  no worries. My estrogen levels are awesome ;)  (I must be eating the right stuff)"
Davey - "hahahahaha oh my goodness you are so silly mom! well I just sense you aren't at your fullest like you usually are so I just want to let you know I love you and you are seriously the best and the light whenever I am having a hard day i think of coarse of my savior but then I always think of you and it gives me strength because I know how strong you are and your just the best!"
Mom - "Davey you are so amazing!!  In all reality when I get down I actually thing of all of my children and in my savior and it gives me comfort. I know when I am doing everything that I am supposed to be doing that the Lord will strengthen me and give me courage to face the obstacles in my life.  I also get so much comfort when I read my scriptures and then liken them in my life. I am fine, if we didn't have trials we wouldn't progress in our life. I love you so much and it always gives me comfort listening to you and reading the things that you are experiencing!  Thank you for being such an amazing son!!!"
Davey - "that is such a great solid testimony thanks so much mom you are the best!"
Mom - "How long do I get you?"
Davey - "for 10 more mins"

Later Post -
Mom - "How are you doing?"
Davey - "I am doing awesome, I love being a missionary it is the best it is super hard but the best!"
Mom - "Today was the last day of school for your brothers and both of them decided not to go since they weren't taking roll call in their classes. Dad and I are going on our 25th anniversary trip on Saturday. Dad got us a plan ticket to Texas, Galveston. We will be spending about 4 days together. This will be a much deserved vacation for me. Then when we get home I will have only 2 weeks at Tuacahn and then we will be moving.  Dad found us an apartment to live in while our home is being built. So life will be moving pretty quick, when we get back."
Davey - "holy cow that is crazy well enjoy the vacation and happy anniversary that is exciting! keep holding in there and working hard but don't stress too much mom! (its not good for the skin) if ya know what I mean haha ;)"
Mom - "Funny...  my skin is showing it's age, but that is fine.  I have listened to a couple of your voice mails and I am loving them.  It sounds like you are have some great success.  I pray for you and the people you are teaching on a daily basis.  You sound great!!  It puts a great picture in my head of you - and I love it!"
Davey - "ha I hope so and hey guess what I have a huge goose egg on my head we had some other elders over last night because we were going to the temple this morning and they were riding with us and we wrestled and I smacked my head hard on a corner and haha it was a great time I will tell you that much!"
Mom - "Ouch, I am sorry you got hurt. Are you okay? You know I have never liked the wresting... maybe a little, but it always seems to get a little to intense. Maddison Moore wanted me to tell you hi. She is working at Tuacahn again, she is dating a Pain kid from Santa Clara. It so cool you had a great turn out for church.The boys are having fun with their start of summer brake.  Our apartment has a basketball court and a pool.  I have to help Chase get a job up north.  Dad told him about a job at Artic Circle, Chase didn't think that was a good job. So He will be looking. Have you been able to go to the temple yet?"
Davey - OFF LINE

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