Tuesday, July 29, 2014

May 22, 2014

Good evening family and friends, just really quick just so you know why I wasn’t on email on Monday because we had our temple trip this Thursday, I guess that will be tomorrow – today is Wednesday night. So ya we are going down to the temple down to Fresno, our Elders Quorum president, Thomas Whitney of our YSA branch will be taking us. So this past week we have a lot of fun stuff. Monday was prep day and we had a zone activity called Tron, I think I told you about this, ya it was called Tron and you get circle glow sticks it is pretty much dodge ball with glow sticks. (pause) Elder King is checking our dinner calendar. Hey we have had some really great solid lessons. Sarah she is solid for the 21st of next month. We moved up her date because she is so super solid. She is the one whose dad is a Lutheran minister. Her mom and her dad don’t support her at all, they have been giving her anti Mormon pamphlets and all of this garbage and it is just ridiculous it is so dumb. She is just so awesome and she has such an amazing testimony and just keeps moving forward. She is reading the D&C right now which tells you how cool she is. We are also having a baptism this Sunday, her name is Courtney and she is a member referral also, she is awesome and solid as ever. She will get baptized this Sunday at 4:30. We have also been working with a girl Cecilia and Leo, we have also found a new investigator his name is Jesus, we took him on a church tour and it was super powerful and we challenged him to baptism he excepted and then challenged him to a date and he excepted just super easily and it was really awesome and he is ready to be baptized.
Oh ya I am totally fine no worries at all haha and hey wrestling is the best! It is the best way to know joseph smith (he wrestled) so that is just a second testimony! We went to the temple today this morning and it was amazing like always I received some great revelation and just a great time! If you have some time watch the special features on the movie forever strong specifically the parts where president Gelwix is interviewed and basically he gives some great advice and cool things that the family would love!
Alright I love you have a great week keep up all you do! Love you so much!

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