Sunday, July 20, 2014

May 26th to June 2, 2014

Hey good evening family and friends,

This is elder moss and elder King. Something cool that happened, today is our preparation day it is towards the evening but we found a new investigator. We were led by the Spirit we had great planning, we followed our backups and we found our new investigator. This has been happening a lot of course, but the cool part was there is a member family here and there was a YSA girl here her name is Page but she is home because she is getting married to a guy named Sam and it was kind of funny we went over to their house to teach one of the investigators. I saw a picture of them and I said no way, so could this be him, I asked them what his name was and they said it is Sam. I said no way, lo and behold we went back over tonight and I met Sam and he was my first EFY counselor and so I was one of his first early groups when he first became an EFY counselor. It was super awesome to see him it took him a little bit to remember me, I had to tell him my first name but he was awesome he remembered me he was in complete shock, it is such a small world. I got to see my first EFY counselor it was really cool. So yeah I thought I would share that with you. I love you all ok bye bye.

Good afternoon family and friends this is Elder Moss I'm with Elder King  driving to our next appointment. So as you can tell my voice has changed, this last week I well I'm a little sick right now. I'm getting over a sickness, but I do have a pretty cool sounding voice so I thought I would do my voice recording while I was still sick. This last week was really cool we went out and we taught and we have had appointments for every single hour of the day which has been difficult since these last two days I've been really sick but I have been blessed by the Lord that he has been able to allow me to keep working and to keep working hard. So some of the things that have happened that are really cool one of our former investigators called us her name is Jessica. She asked for a a blessing she has been having nightmares so we went over there and gave her a blessing and then she said how she wants to change her life and make it more in line with God so we will start teaching her again which is cool. I tried some tea, t-e- oh I spelled it wrong, it was some herbal tea and I tried it for the first time and it is nasty. That stuff is just sick, I don't even like the taste of it but I tried some tea because I've been so sick I'm supposed to be drinking some more hot stuff because I have been so sick... I hope you can understand this voicemail and I hope you can bare with me but yum we also another investigator his name is Kevin. He has been really struggling  with praying and receiving answers he won't pray in the name of Jesus Christ but this last time we had a really great lesson and he prayed in the proper order and which God has commanded us to pray, that was really cool to see. I can't really think of what else has happened so far, so today we hav have all of our appointments canceled we had four appointment so that has kind of stunk but we are still pushing forward the last two days were awesome. That is pretty much it, you'll get another voicemail from me tomorrow so love all, bye bye.

Good evening family and friends, this is elder moss and elder King.

So a little bit about our week. (Davey yawns) I'm really tired, I'm always tired, but it is a good tired because I'm working hard, you know so as I work hard I get tired but it is a good tired. This week was good, we had one of our investigators come to church. The one who was supposed to get baptize this next week, Tosh didn't show up so we get to go find out why and see what is happening with him, you know. He may not be getting baptized next week so we will go figure it out. We got transfer calls Saturday, last night today is Sunday night. Tomorrow it is pretty cool we are going to go study have personal companion study with all of our elders quorum so that will be fun. We will get to go study with them to have effective studies. Courtney our last baptism was confirmed today in church, Elder King was able to confirm her that was pretty cool. That was his first time confirming someone so that was a good time. So ya we got transfer calls last Saturday and we thought for sure we would be together one more transfer but nope we are getting spit up. So Elder King is going down to Fresno West so right down by the temple and I will get anew companion his name is Elder Solomon he is from Mexico I think. He is an English speaking missionary that didnt know a lick of English when he came out on his mission so I think he is in his fourth transfer being out on his mission and we will still be up in the YSA branch. As you can tell I am a lot better. Love you all have a great week.

Alright so update today is monday heading over to email so you are about ready to get these. A little update of what we did this morning it was really fun. We did our laundry at our elders quorum house and it was a lot of fun. He had all of the elders quorum presidency there ahhh I guess it wasn't the presidency but the elders quorum and we did a personal study with them. It was a lot of fun and we had a really good time. Afterwards there was a member of our branch his name is Nathan. Nathan is always wanting to wrestle me and he messes with me. I told him if he would come to the study session on Monday that I would wrestle with him. (As Davey talks he says , shoot it looks like a car accident.) But yum Nathan went and afterwards he wanted to wrestle me, we go and start to wrestle and everything... (he says to elder king) how would you put it elder? Elder king says "you rocked him". So I rocked him, it was a lot of fun and we had a good time, I worked him it was really easy. And then our elders quorum president, his name is Thomas this was at his house, he was wanting to wrestle him next and I beat him too. I tapped him out it was fun I got him in the arm bar and that is how I tapped him out, I don't choke him out that wouldn't be right it was a lot of fun we had a good time, Elder King was just playing the piano. It was a good time but I didn't loose and I was super tired afterwards but I didnt loose that was the good part and so now we are heading over to the stake center and email these to you. I love you all and hope you have a great week and may the best times be ahead of you and may you see God's hand in your life, love you all so much bye bye.

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