Sunday, July 20, 2014

May 22 to the 26, 2014

Alright good afternoon family and friends,

This is Elder Davey Moss, today is Thursday night the 22nd. We just had a really cool experience with one of our investigators, so her name is Sarah we have been teaching her and she is a really ready two get baptized next month. She is really cool, she has been having a real hard time with her family they are super anti Church - I think I have already told you about her. We just had dinner with her and another member, we went to Round Table and we shared a little message, a scriptural thought, and she said something really awesome. She told us that she had noticed something super different have we have been meeting from the beginning to now & she said, (Davey is talking to Elder King and asked, Do I turn here? He says to go right. Davey  said no I cant turn there it is ano turn right but then Elder King said yes it is you can turn right. Davey said okay, okay) um but um, so we are going back to Sarah really quick, so she said something really cool that from where she was to where she is now she has noticed that there is a difference. Specifically a difference when we come and share the gospel with her and when we leave she feels the spirit come and she feels it leave when we go and she really wants that Holy Spirit, the gift of the Holy Spirit. I know we bring the spirit and wen you are worthy of your Covenants you will be that impact to someone and to so many people in their lives . That was a really cool experience that we had. I have never had an investigator tell me that before so I thought I would share it. I love you all bye bye.
Hey Family and friends this is Elder Moss, and Elder King. (Elder King is saying it in the background.) yeah that's Elder King over there he's doing his own little thing. Haha. I'm doing this voice recording trying to catch up, I told you about our temple trip it was awesome. We were able to watch Forever Strong on the way down it was a lot of fun and then we went to Dog House Grill which is a must if you ever come to Fresno. Last week was , today is only Saturday night tomorrow night is our baptism with, but we have been meeting with our investigators a lot of them are doing really good we have a couple of new investigators and so that was really good. Tosh is still praying about the 8th of June to get baptized, Sarah who has a date for the 21st texted us today and she might move it up to the 15th. That would be really awesome if she could do that. Something really cool things we had two dinners tonight and elder King feels really fat. He hasn't gained a missionary belly yet. Sarah has been facing a lot of adversaries from her family in her life and has asked us to send her jokes like over text stuff and it is super hard I don't know any good jokes, especially missionary jokes, like jokes in general it is super hard. She is doing really good yeah and so if you had any good mormon jokes feel free to shoot me an email. So we had dinner tonight at one of our dinners one of the members gave us an ostrich jerky and some kangaroo jerky so elder King and I have been eating it, it is really good. It was pretty good jerky so yeah I've tried now kangaroo and ostrich, so yeah that is all that has been happening lately. I love you all so much and I hope your Saturday night is going good. Elder King and I are just chillin at the apartment and living the life of a missionary. I love you all and have a great day at church tomorrow and we are going to have an awesome baptism.
Ok family and friends this is so funny my love it. So we got those too beef jerky the kangaroo meat and ostrich meat, and so haha haha haha I'm going to ask elder King has to have him do his ostrich voice for you, (elder king makes a quill sound and Davey is laughing. Elder King said to Davey that is what ostriches sound like, it has to be.) Davey says he loves his companion he is an awesome little youngster. He is awesome so there you go I thought that would be funny a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoyed a little laugh and have a great night. Bye bye

Hey, so our baptism went great it was really awesome! and after we also had a musical fireside which i conducted it was so last mintute that they asked me but hey thats missionary life! i hope you all are doing great!

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