Wednesday, July 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Davey is talking to his companion who is listening to very loud music when he begins to do his voice recording. He begins… (talking to his companion), “I’m doing my voice recording now so just be quite a little bit.”

Hey family and friends this is Elder Moss, so this past week has been good. We ahh found a lot, on preparation day we watched the Saratov Approach it was a lot of fun! Saratov Approach is a super great movie – mom I don’t know if I would recommend you watching it because you will probably cry a lot. Yah but it is a really good movie. Right now we are having our lunch, I made Elder Salomon waffles. So he is having…if you can picture this a waffle, with butter, with syrup, and then chocolate ice cream in the middle with another waffle with butter and syrup on top (ha ha) and this is what we are having today (ha ha). Oh my gosh(ha ha ha) you have to love it, right! So, we have been teaching Marissa a lot. We had a specialized training on Tuesday and we were being taught by Greg McEwen, he is a professional teacher/trainer on Essentialism and I received this training a year ago, so it was kind of weird that I have been out a year and it is coming around again. It is a super good training, we went down and had that um on essentialism and the importance on listening and just different things – it was super good! We have been working with them – we went on an exchange with one of the Zone leaders his name is Elder Fog. It is kind of weird, Elder Fog in my Zone leader and I am over his district (like I am his District leader) and before when I was in Fresno East I was his Zone leader and he was one of my District leader  (ha ha) it is like we just swapped places, but you know that is how it goes with every calling there is always going to be a release and so it has been fun. We had a movie night – we set up a movie night with some of our investigators we watched Forever Strong and so that was on Friday which was yesterday. Today is Saturday June 28th, so yah on Friday we watched Forever Strong we had four non-members there and two of them were are investigators and two of them (girls) we were trying to get to be investigators. So that is all that has happened so far. So love ya all!
Davey is talking to his companion, Elder Salomon, helping him with questions he is having with English and translating words and figuring out what the word means. In the back ground you can hear Elder Salomon saying “release”, Davey says, “no not realize – it is release” Davey then gives the definition to him.
Okay really quick this is Elder Moss just finishing up my voice recording. Today is Saturday, we are doing our baptism for Marissa – she is totally excited. We are trying to clutch everything down because we have to get everything ready for it. We have to call everyone for it. We will be having her baptism at 6:30 tonight and it will be a lot of fun. We are going to go print off the programs and get everything ready for that, so it will be fun. (Davey ask Elder Salomon if there is anything else they have done, that  was fun or like a cool experience.) Yah I can’t… a lot has happened this week, I don’t think there hasn’t been but a lot of great spiritual experiences we have them every day. We keep working hard and keep pressing forward. For FHE we did…it was fun (Elder Salomon just reminded Davey) we did some Book of Mormon story skits, so we picked some stories in the Book of Mormon and we did like skits and stuff… it was fun. Yum not a huge turnout though but it was a good opportunity to get to know the Book of Mormon more and different things. Ya, I just love you all so much, the gospel is true, I keep growing every day, keep learning new things, and keep striving to live always by the spirit. So, continue to strengthen your testimony every single day, you will see miracles, keep preparing, and try this week to have your personal studies everyday – try to share with someone what you have learned in your personal studies that day. It may be hard you may have to start teaching the family first, but strive to push yourself every single day like in your personal studies and then it will make your personal scripture studies more effective and you will want to share them more. Have a great week!
Hey family and friends this is Elder Moss, this will be the last voice recording that I will be doing before I send them off. Last night we had a super funny time… a I don’t know it was a really funny time in the moment, but we went to go visit this family and we shared a good spiritual message and at the end I asked if we could say a prayer but there response was, ”let’s sing”. (ha ha) So, they wanted to sing with us so we started singing hymns and it was kind of weird but it was fun. Then we said a closing prayer after, it was just really random. Ya so that was pretty much it for our week. At church we had two investigators, it was our YSA conference and so it was really packed and we had a lot of people there. Hopefully we will be able to help those two investigators get baptized. We are having a sweet activity tonight for FHE we are going out to a ranch, (interruption) sorry I am here with all of the elders at the computers, so we will be going out to a ranch tonight and (more interruption- in the background you can hear someone making chicken noises and Davey saying to be quiet, and a lot of laughing) This is what you get when you are with a bunch of missionaries (ha ha) and yah we will be going out to a ranch and having a big bomb fire and everything and so it will be a lot of fun and we will be getting a lot of non-members there it will be a great opportunity. Yah and that is everything so far, so yah love ya all and have a great week! (yelling in the background and Davey laughing)

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